Nicola Robinson MAR.

         Reflexology Practitioner. Vertical Reflex Practitioner. Baby Reflex Practitioner.

         Relaxation, Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor.

         Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme Teacher.          

         T: 01255 673352      M: 07885 758 196


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How can Reflexology support and help you and your family?


Here are just a few of the benefits of regular Reflexology treatments


Reflexology is effective for reducing stress and stress-related conditions as it promotes relaxation.

 Calms the digestive system especially where stress causes

   imbalances and discomfort

 Reflexology can improve conditions such as constipation.

  Reflexology may calm and reduce pain and discomfort related  

   to age related Joint conditions  

Reflexology may assist with reducing back/neck/shoulder pain  

   and tightness caused by muscular tension due to poor posture

   or stress.

It may help reduce Migraines/headaches caused by stress or hormone  


 It may help with Menstrual cycle irregularities and puberty.

   May assist couples with fertility & conception by reducing

   stress levels and improving their sense of wellbeing.


Reflexology offers effective support for monthly pre-menstrual symptoms.


 Excellent support during the changes in the body/mind during

    the peri-menopause, menopause and beyond.

  Reflexology supports men through their life changes too.


  Can help to regulate sleep patterns.


 Reflexology is and excellent therapy to use to support a new baby from one month of age  

   to the Toddler stage. Parents can learn the Reflexology

   techniques under the Brand name "Baby Reflex."


 These skills are useful for parents who wish to support the wellbeing of their child

with Reflexology as their child grows and develops.

Very useful during change and with new experiences, eg. starting school, during childhood illness and moving house.